Saturday, April 21, 2007

10th Mtn. Div. Assoc. Members Wanted

WANTED: Members for the Fort Drum Chapter, National Association
of the 10th Mt. Div.

From Jan. to May 1945, the 10th Mt. Div. distinguished itself in combat (Mt. Belvedere, Riva Ridge and the Po Valley) and in peace keeping and stability operations (Northern Italy and Yugoslavia).

When the veterans of the 10th Mt. Div. returned home from the battlefields most went to school or work and began raising families. Only years later did they begin to look for their buddies. The National Association of the 10th Mt. was not formed until 1971.

In 2007, in Denver CO, the World War II 10th Mt. Div. Veterans will pass the leadership of the Association to us, the 10th Mt. Div. (Light). To keep it a viable organization we will need to have a minimum of 5,000 members.
Today's Mountain Soldiers are building upon the legacy of our WWII Veterans. They have added combat, peacekeeping and stability operations in Hurricane Andrew, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa and Iraq to the division's history. They and you deserve an association that fosters the camaraderie of Soldiers who bonded on the battlefield or shared the hazards of peace keeping and stability operations.
To that end I encourage you who are combat veterans to become members now and those of you who are not, to become members of our association upon your return from Iraq and Afghanistan. Application forms can be obtained on the 10th Mt. Div. Association Website: or by contacting me at

This is how the Fort Drum Chapter spends your dues: helped erect the Military Mountaineers Statue; erected the 9-11 Memorial; erected and keeps plaques current on Heroes Walk; supports local chapter visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to provide 10th Mt. Div. gifts to our wounded warriors; supports the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic; started and is building the 10th Mt. Div. (Light) scholarship fund; conducts reunions: provides awards to the Soldier and NCO of the year; and provides financial support for the "Mountain of Toys" annual Christmas event.

Michael T. Plummer
President, Fort Drum NY Chapter

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