Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friends of the Wounded Commandos at WRAMC remind our wounded they are not forgotten

Fred Downs, Jr. – Downs visits amputees and speaks to them about their transition from their service to the VA system with special emphasis on Prosthetics.
Sgt. 1st Class Todd Sullivan – Sullivan is a former 4-31 platoon sergeant who called, sent cards and visited wounded Commando Soldiers
Cindy J. McGrew – McGrew provided care, leisure items and meals to Wounded Warriors.
Laura and Nikki Sauriol – The Sauriols worked with Cindy to provide care, leisure items and meals to Wounded Warriors.
Eugene Sullivan – Sullivan,a former Ranger, visits WRAMC regularly to check on the health and well being of the Soldiers.
R.J. Meade – Meade serves as a conduit between the various wards at WRAMC and the Wounded Warrior Project. The project provided backpacks filled with personal care items to medically evacuated Soldiers stateside.
John J. Farley III – Farley lost his leg, above the knee, during Vietnam who inspires and eases the minds of wounded Commandos just by his weekly presence at the Physical Therapy clinic at WRAMC.
Danny Soto – Soto uses his knowledge to regularly advise wounded Commandos of their entitlements and benefits.
Andrew Exum – Former 4-31 Polar Bear who is well known for regularly supporting the Wounded Warriors.
Monica Dillon – Dillon spends several nights each week passing out care items, food, books and blankets.
Peter Lancaster – Lancaster provides most wounded with their first rental wheelchair and later with a custom one.
Steve Springer and Mia Frink – Springer and Frink work tirelessly to provide quality case management to Commando amputees.
John P. Miska – Miska works daily to improve the quality of life of wounded Commando outpatients. He collects household goods for distribution, donates the use of his post’s Handicap- accessible bus and takes outpatients to off-post events.

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