Thursday, January 18, 2007

Three detained, six caches found in operation

2nd BCT, 10th Mtn. Div. (LI) Public Affairs

YUSUFIYAH, Iraq — Coalition forces detained three suspected terrorists and seized six weapons caches during a two-day combat operation in the Yusufiyah, Iraq area Jan. 10-11.
Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment “Golden Dragons,” 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) conducted Operation Machete Harvest in order to deny anti-Iraq forces safe haven in the Golden Dragon’s area of operation.
Of the three detained, two of were found with weapons and the other was believed to be an observer for AIF forces.
An anti-aircraft gun, three full cans of ammunition, an improvised explosive device, 19 60 mm mortar rounds, a rocket propelled grenade, bent tubing which is commonly used to construct IEDs, five 120 mm rounds, a home made IED, seven 155mm rounds and two directional charges were found and seized during the operation.
The detainees are being held for further questioning.

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