Friday, January 26, 2007

Security operation uncovers cache in W. Baghdad

2nd BCT, 10th Mtn. Div. (LI) Public Affairs

RADWANIYAH, Iraq — Multi-National – Division troops found and seized a weapons cache north of Radwaniyah, Iraq Jan. 19.
Soldiers from the 1st Squadron, 89th Calvary Regiment, “Wolverines,” 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) found the cache in the western Baghdad suburban area during a clearing mission in the area.
The cache, included an AK-47, 50 5.62mm rounds, a .22 caliber rifle, 12 blasting caps, a pair of night vision goggles, a .38 caliber pistol, three mines, five rocket-propelled grenade launchers, detonation cord, a belt of 12.7mm heavy machinegun rounds, six spools of copper wire and a homemade hand grenade.
An explosive ordnance team was called to the site. The team destroyed the weapons and ammunition in a controlled detonation.

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