Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Soldiers celebrate birthdays in Iraq

Soldiers celebrate birthdays in Iraq

Staff Sgt. Angela McKinzie
2nd BCT PAO, 10th Mtn. Div.

CAMP STRIKER, Iraq – Celebrating birthdays in foreign lands is not uncommon to most Soldiers, but celebrating as an entire unit is.
About thirty Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers from the 210th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, were surprised at a birthday celebration hosted by the unit Sept. 22 here.
The 210th BSB command wanted to show their appreciation for the Soldiers by having a birthday celebration for all of those who had a birthday during the month of September.
“These Soldiers are working extra hard to do anything and everything to support the brigade,” said Lt. Col. Brian Rogers, 210th BSB commander and native of Montana. “And doing small things like this will go a long way to keep people’s heads in the game. We have the best BSB I have ever seen because of the warrior leaders and Soldiers here that will do whatever it takes to get the mission done.”
Having been in the Army for a very short while, Pvt. Giovanna Martinez, a Wimuama, Fla., native, who serves as a supply specialist in the 210th BSB, commented about the occasion.
“This is my second birthday in the Army and it feels a little like home,” Martinez said. “This celebration makes me feel confident in the command and I feel they care about me.”
Before the birthday events kicked off, “Happy Birthday” was sang to the celebrants followed by some caring words from the battalion commander.
“I know you could not be with your families right now,” Rogers said to the Soldiers. “But you are with your family here. I am glad to be here with you and I would not want to be anywhere else.”
During the event Soldiers participated in games and listened to music. It was a chance for them to unwind.
“I have been in the Army for eight years and I have never seen a birthday party like this before,” said Sgt. Arays Cruz, 210th BSB motor transport specialist. “I think the morale of the Soldiers will go up if these types of events continue. It was very thoughtful of the command to do this.”
Cruz is a native of Miami.
Since many other Soldiers will have birthdays during the deployment the 210th BSB command has decided to have parties regularly in order to recognize each Soldier’s special day.
“This is something new that we are starting,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Spencer Gray, 210th BSB command sergeant major. “It is a good morale booster and I am glad the leadership took the time to put this together for the Soldiers. We will have an event like this once a month.”
The Soldiers who were honored received a birthday card and presents from the command. Eventually, the command will have family members send presents for the Soldiers to open on their birthday.
Leaders who coordinated the event were Capt. Brian Batchelder, Headquarters and Headquarters Company commander, 210th BSB; Chaplain (Capt.) Daniel Kang, 210th BSBB chaplain and Capt. Amanda Nalls, the 210th BSB personnel officer in charge.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great posts. It's good to hear what the guys are doing over there while we wait at home.
I enjoyed reading all the items on the site and I look forward to more!! ~ C Co. 2-14 Wife

2nd BCT Commandos said...

Thank you. We are here to keep the famileis informed on what the Soldiers of the 2nd BCT are doing. Thank you for all your support!
SSG McKinzie